Latsis Foundation’s Public Benefit Work

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has worked since its establishment to maintain its responsibility of implementing and managing the Latsis family’s public benefit work both within Greece and outside the country. The public benefit work continues the public service tradition of John S. Latsis, with members of the family including Spiro Latsis sitting on the Foundation’s Supervisory Board. The Foundation’s work primarily focuses on education, social welfare, culture and scientific research, with a primary geographic focus on Greece in terms of funding. The Foundation works to maximise the potential of funds invested as well as to choose the best projects, those where the funds of the Foundation will have the most significant multiplier benefit.

Recently, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has continued to demonstrate its dedication to public service work and funding within education. It has worked to implement, alongside the Hellenic Mathematical Society, a programme of free distribution of publications to in excess of 3,000 primary and high school pupils. These pupils may have difficulty accessing mathematical publications and knowledge due to their studies taking place in the Greek periphery and at remote schools. The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation is the exclusive financier of the programme, maintaining its work within broader initiatives designed to support the education and progress of Greek youth by supporting scientific and educational institutions.

Spiro LatsisThe Hellenic Mathematical Society aims to make sure that different kinds of pupils have equal learning opportunities and are able to maintain free access to mathematical knowledge. The Society also aims to upgrade mathematical education more generally. 3,000 issues of publications of the Society titled ‘Euclid A’ and ‘Euclid B,’ as well as ‘Little Euclid,’ were sent to branches of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, which then promoted the journals to the aforementioned remote schools. The journals were targeted at high school, lyceum and primary school students respectively and contained relevant mathematical exercises as well as general articles on developments in mathematical pedagogy.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation also supported the Hellenic Mathematical Society in distributing teaching material to students who perform best at the Panhellenic Student Competitions of the Society. This initiative was aimed at ensuring optimal preparation of these students for the International and Balkan Student Olympiads. Greek students have traditionally performed well in international competitions and this work assists in continuing that tradition.