During his lifetime, John S. Latsis established a number of programmes which are still in operation today. One of the first foundations established by John Latsis in 1967 was the Ileians’ Scholarships Foundation, which was set up to provide ongoing funding for both undergraduate and post-graduate students who may otherwise not have had access to that level of higher education. Today, the Latsis family continue to support this initiative, providing funding for post-graduate scholarships leading to the obtaining of a PhD or Masters’ degree both in Greece and internationally.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation is proud to support a wide variety of projects throughout Greece and beyond, with focus both on immediate aid in areas where it is needed most and ongoing support to improve lives everywhere. One of the most recent projects the Foundation has become heavily involved in is the support of healthy nutrition programmes and food aid in schools. The Latsis family also finance several medical facilities in and around Greece, provide funding for various cultural initiatives and offer monetary support for important scientific research projects.