Spiro John Latsis and the Public Benefit Foundation Continue Latsis Family’s Public Service Legacy

With a focus on culture, social welfare, scientific research and education, the activities of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation serve to preserve and continue the public service legacy. A number of Latsis family Spiro John Latsismembers constitute the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, including Spiro John Latsis. The Foundation’s activities involve the support of initiatives both in Greece and outside the country, demonstrating its international presence. Although it does have such a presence, the primary geographic focus of its funding is on Greece itself.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation divides its activities into two broad categories. One of the categories includes the programmes that the Foundation itself designs and implements while the other category includes the third party initiatives that it supports and finances. Regardless of which category an initiative falls under, it receives support on a continuous and consistent level, contributing to the creation of synergies and the ensuring of optimal fund utilisation. Such support is in addition to the financial assistance the Foundation offers and is provided as a demonstration of the Foundation’s partnership-based approach towards the various organisations it provides funds to.

While the Foundation is committed to doing what it can to support Greek society in accordance with the values and priorities set by the legacy of John S. Latsis and the Foundation’s current activities, it is also aware that no single foundation’s assets are sufficient to cover all of the growing and evolving needs of society. For this reason, the Foundation selects the organisations and projects it funds carefully, with an eye on where its funds will have the highest multiplier benefit. It is able to make these selections by means of taking a clear-eyed and steady assessment of society and its pressing needs, an assessment taken alongside strategic and long-term planning.

Since 2008, the Foundation has been active in the provision of funds for one-year research projects, with the intent of advancing scientific research activities in various scientific fields within Greece. This initiative is also intended to promote collaborations between Greek and foreign universities as well as between Greek and foreign research foundations. The Foundation issues an annual open call in this context for research proposals eligible for funding. Since 2008, the Foundation has funded between 10 and 21 projects per year with the number of funded projects in the last few years remaining closer to the upper end of that range.