The Importance of the “It is Our Duty” Programme

The Latsis Foundation’s board members including Dr Spiro Latsis launched, in 2012, the “It is Our Duty” programme, a social solidarity initiative with the objective of helping disadvantaged members of Greek society especially those hit hard by the economic crisis, through collaborations with other organizations.

When the programme began, it emphasized, on areas in Attica and Thessaloniki, looking to provide immediate relief to families in need. To achieve this, the Foundation paired up with the Food Bank – Foundation to Fight Hunger in an effort to provide needy people with food aid, mainly for the elderly, large families, single-parent homes, and the unemployed. Together, they implemented a year-long food programme aiding 17 municipalities in Attica and eight in Thessaloniki. The initiative has since spread to Piraeus, divisions in Northern and Southern Athens, and the Saronic Islands. Spiro Latsis

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation also teamed up with local partners such as non-governmental organizations, parishes and municipal social services in order to trace the families or individuals who have had a hard time making ends meet.

Besides collaborating to create food aid programmes, the Latsis Foundation has also helped citizens in need of social protection, such as children, through collaboration with other organisations like the House of Arsis and Dikaioma sti Zoi. With the House of Arsis, the Foundation supports a relief centre for minors in Thessaloniki while Dikaioma sti Zoi supports adults and minors with disabilities in Crete.

While these programmes have proven to be helpful, the Latsis Foundation and board members such as Dr Spiro Latsis understand that social welfare programmes are always necessary. They also understand that Greek society is always changing, thus the societal needs will always be different. For this reason the Latsis Foundation looks to adapt to these changes in order to help as many people as they can.